Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Terrazzo Tiles

Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Terrazzo Tiles

Of course, some of the most enticing benefits of terrazzo tiles are durable and easy to clean and maintain. If well cared for, your terrazzo tiles can remain in their best-looking state for over a century. Well, I know that might sound quite incredible, but it is the whole truth. 

The first reason that affirms the above fact is that terrazzo tiles come with a shining surface. As a result, no stain can glue to them for long. Once you apply water and soft detergent without much muzzle, you will comfortably wipe away all the dirt on the surface, leaving it sparkling clean and looking brand new again.  Click here to read more information about terrazzo tiles.

Another reason is that terrazzo tiles are made with high-quality materials which habitually fight against dirt dust. So, you can maintain always-clean, healthy loo0king terrazzo tiles for a lifetime. Does that sound fascinating? Absolutely yes.  

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However, as much as terrazzo tiles are easy to maintain, you will still find out that some people cannot keep up the radiant look for even a decade. You might have seen some terrazzo tiles looking weak, old, and dull if you look carefully. When you see something like that, know that something is wrong with the cleaning. 

The Adverse Effect of the Wrong Cleaning Method 

Terrazzo tiles and other similar flooring surfaces have a good level of sustainability and are easy to clean and maintain. However, When mopping and the regular sweeping are not done correctly or seem to be enough, things go the other way round.  

Worse still, some people, out of the effort to make the terrazzo tiles shiner and brighter, tend to apply harsh chemicals that will further damage the tiles. Indeed, using drastic cleaning methods will not in any way make your terrazzo tiles look better. Instead, it will only cause discoloration, which will later result in the unappealing appearance of the surfaces. 

One important note in this matter is that if the practice continues for a long time, the inappropriate cleaning methods and the harsh cleaning solutions will eventually cause permanent damage to the tiles. That is why you need to be extra careful of how you clean your terrazzo tiles if you want them to stay gorgeous for a long time. 

So what are the things you should avoid doing when it comes to proper cleaning and maintaining your terrazzo tiles properly? Here is the list of the most common mistakes that make cleaning go wrong.

1. Incorrect Mopping

Do you know that there’s a proper way of mopping? If you have never heard that before, now you know. The style and method of mopping you apply when cleaning your terrazzo tiles will determine whether it will continue to look attractive or it will look odd in the next couple of months. 

The most appropriate way to clean your terrazzo tiles is using the damp mopping system. Damp mopping means making a slightly wet on your floor with a non-saturated mop that doesn’t need rinsing or drying. Using this method, you will have to apply little water that can dry quickly without soap/. 

Meanwhile, when you are damp mopping, make sure you use clean water. The most common mistake people make while cleaning terrazzo tiles is using the wet mopping method instead of damp mopping. When dirty water seeps into the tiles’ porous surface, it may cause an unexpected build-up of moisture, which will eventually cause other problems to the flooring and the health of the people living in the space. 

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2. Use of Coloured Cleansers 

The beauty of terrazzo tiles is in retaining the actual color that comes from the manufacturer. Using some unrecommended chemicals will do no good to the tiles other than affect the beautiful; color of the tiles, thereby reducing its beauty.

To avoid discoloration, make sure you stay away from some strange colored tile cleaners. It is not acceptable to use colored cleaners to clean terrazzo tiles; otherwise, you will damage the tiles.  

Terrazzo tiles have a certain level of porosity. So, they can absorb the destructive dye on the colored cleaning solutions. Also, you need to avoid using dirty water when cleaning your tiles as it may leave dirt on the porous surface of your tiles and become a threat to their durability. 

3. Use of harsh chemicals 

I understand how much you want your tiles to be looking attractive. But, you need to be careful not to use harsh chemicals on your terrazzo tiles. It will damage your nice-looking tiles over time.

Ensure that you avoid substances like muriatic acid bleach and other harsh chemicals for the routine cleaning and care of your terrazzo tiles. Aside from that, it can pose serious health risks to the occupants; splashes or spills from these harsh chemicals can damage your furniture, electronic appliances, and other fixtures in the area. Not only that, using cleaning solutions containing punitive substances can bring discoloration and premature deterioration on the tiles, which can lead to eventual damage in the long run. 

4. Use of Abrasive Materials 

Another common mistake that people make when cleaning terrazzo tiles is using abrasive material for fact cleaning actions.  

As much as you want to eliminate harming your terrazzo tiles, you need to carefully avoid the use of steel wool or metal scouring pads when cleaning your tiles as these harmful substances can cause a whole lot of problems, including scratching, staining, and ultimately damage the glossy finish of your porcelain terrazzo tiles. This also includes the use of abrasive tools and harmful cleaning agents.

5. Use of Oil and Wax Based Cleaners


The Use of oil and wax-based cleaners on terrazzo tiles is a huge mistake. While wax itself and other wax-based cleaning solutions have their advantage as they provide some temporary protection for tiles against stains and odors, they can also pose more harmful risks on your valuable flooring investment far more than the good. As you continue to use them, they can cause many problems and increase your routine maintenance costs. You can get information about Low Maintenance Landscape Design Ideas by visiting

Final Words 

Proper cleaning and management of terrazzo tiles can be a little bit dicey for the average homeowner. Except you have the appropriate knowledge and experience about the right cleaning methods, your nice-looking terrazzo tiles might not last as long as expected. Avoiding the above-listed mistakes will save your delicate terrazzo wall and floor tiles flooring from unwanted damage and discoloration, making them shine for as long as you are using them.