Top 8 Practical Solutions of Terrazzo Tiles with Great Aesthetics

Top 8 Practical Solutions of Terrazzo Tiles with Great Aesthetics

So you are planning to use terrazzo tiles for your next home construction project?  You have made a very great choice. Terrazzo tiles have become one of the top-rated flooring options for both residential and commercial spaces. So, I believe you would already know how much of a benefit it could be to beautify your residential or commercial establishment with these classic tiles. 

Suppose you are looking for a durable and versatile interior décor material for flooring, pavements, benchtops, and other crucial parts of your next building or renovation project. In that case, I recommend that you explore the versatility and creative abilities of terrazzo Tiles. You will get great value from this incredible interior décor material if you know how to go about it. That is why it stands out from other types of tiles. 

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What are Terrazzo Tiles?

This home design material is made up of Portland Cement. This cement is combined with other essential components such as sand, marble chips, and other mineral pigments. This fantastic composition gives you gorgeous textures and durability, which is not common to other interior design materials such as wood, ceramic, and more. 

Terrazzo tiles have been a self-leveling floor mosaic for a long time. This classic material comes with a glossy surface to give your space a smooth, attractive look and a wide range of beautiful colors to widen your design options. 

The granite and marble chips or pieces of glass and other essential additives found in terrazzo tiles make it possible for users to get a perfectly smooth floor in their residential and commercial spaces. It also enables you to imitate marble or granite.

Terrazzo flooring is a much more practical solution for interior design for residential and commercial spaces. Here are the top 8 reasons you should choose terrazzo tiles for your next construction project.

1. It Perfectly Resists Abrasion

You cannot compare the abrasion resistance of terrazzo tiles with other flooring options. It ranks far above other natural stone flooring materials, like black granite, considered the hardest to use. It is also known as “Nerro Absoluto.” As expected, the abrasion resistance of the terrazzo tile surface stands between that of white cement mortar and Carrara marble – the two primary components of the tile’s surface. 

Once you install terrazzo tilers in place, you can rely on their long-term durability. While other types of tiles are affected mainly by the destructive effect of abrasion,  terrazzo tiles stand firm. What about its surface water absorption characteristics?  You can always be rest assured that terrazzo tiles will serve you longer than you can ever imagine. 

2. It Is Non-Flammable

Most homeowners prefer to use terrazzo tiles for both wall and floor covering because it is noninflammable. That is why many building experts recommend using terrazzo tiles for both the wall and floor of your kitchen. 

The composition of terrazzo tiles is less likely to catch fire. Like ceramics, the materials used to make terrazzo tiles are not combustible.  However, wooden flooring can look beautiful but can catch fire easily. A few things that can cause this sudden fire may include faulty electrical wiring or immediate lightening of other combustible materials.

It is a brilliant idea to use terrazzo tiles in your residential or commercial as an effort to protect the building against fire damage. 

3. It Is Water Resistant

Some tiles become weak and start to pull off after they experience a few times of water spillage. That is one of the unique areas where terrazzo tiles stand out. These classic tiles are perfect for both bathroom walls and the floor. 

Terrazzo tiles are commonly used in most water-prone areas in the home because they can withstand water pressure for a long time. No other tiles match its excellent water resistance capacity.

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4. It Can Be Used Everywhere

We discussed earlier that you could use terrazzo tiles in the kitchen because it is noninflammable and the bathroom due to its high-water resistance capacity. But, in reality, you can use terrazzo tiles anywhere in residential and commercial spaces. 

Terrazzo tiles work well in the bedroom, living room, lobby, dining, toilet, and any other area in the interior part. You can also use terrazzo tiles to create magic anywhere on the exterior part of the building.  These tiles provide limitless creativity options for home designers. 

5. It is Durable

Terrazzo tiles are solid and durable. If you compare it with other flooring materials like ceramics, it is much sturdier. The cement and marble chips mixed in terrazzo ties makes it as tough as concrete. More so, you can use terrazzo tiles as pavers for outdoor requirements such as walkways, gardens, and more. These classic tiles feel good in any weather (whether extremely warm or cold).

6. Easy to Maintain

Compared to other types of flooring materials, terrazzo tiles is extremely easy to maintain. For instance, you will find it easy to clean out any stains on the surface. Unlike wooden flooring that requires you to apply varnish and paint, terrazzo tiles make the cleaning easy.  You can mop your terrazzo floors. It will retain the same glossy look. Your guests will think you just newly installed the tiles. 

7. Exquisite Colors and Textures

Terrazzo tiles come in different colors. You can have it in black, white, neutral, or other colorful textures. The perfect combination of marble chips and mineral pigments in terrazzo tiles offers a better texture when compared to ceramics or wood.  I recommend that you explore the color options of these incredible tiles 

8. Flexibility in Design

With a wide range of attractive colors, you can fit the phenomenal terrazzo tiles to any theme of your choice. If you are learning how to create a modern home interior design, terrazzo tiles can be of great help. You can choose from beautiful colors, including black, white, and neutral. If you want to create an urban design, you can choose neutral and black for the perfect combination. Visit to read about You Can Do Your Own Landscape Design – It Is Easy!

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Final Words

Terrazzo tiles offer a wide range of finishes to suit your design taste and preferences. You can have a Sealed Polished Finish to give your home a complete exquisite look. You can utilize the protective sealer that comes with the tiles to make it shiny and glamorous it all depends on what you really want.