Inspiration For Your Dream Home

Inspiration For Your Dream Home

Very few of us ever get the chance to see our dream home become a reality, and very few of us ever have the privilege to live in the kinds of homes we imagined when we were younger. This is a true mark of success, and one of the best ways to ensure we are genuinely happy in our own environment and have everything we could want.

As such, if you are in that position, and you are having your home built, then it’s very important for the sake of those living vicariously through you that you don’t squander it and that you create something you will be sure to be happy with.

When you can have anything you want though, suddenly it becomes quite hard to know what that is. To that end then, here we will look at where you can find your inspiration to help you design that perfect home for you.

Show Homes: Of course looking around show homes and department stores is a great way to get ideas for your own rooms. Here you will be able to find rooms that have been decorated with all the newest furniture and appliances and that are designed specifically to be eye-catching and desirable. At the same time, these are perfect examples of how things can be used together to maximum effect and how they should be laid out.

Childhood: Do you remember being young and imagining what your dream home would look like? Most of us had ideas for what we wanted to be when we were older, and what our property would look like. In many cases, these desires are still relevant and still buried deep down as things we want.

Inspiration For Your Dream Home

Read: In general it is a good idea to read on the topic of properties and what is possible. Read around kitchen designs for instance and you will learn about the L, U, and island layouts, or if you read about pools then you can learn about things like infinity pools and sloping beach entries. In short by learning what’s possible you can come up with many things you otherwise might not even have considered.

Watch: There are loads of great programs on TV about designing properties and that simply showcase desirable homes. For instance, there are shows that take camera crews around celebrity homes, and shows that oversee renovations to existing properties. This is a great way to get some more ambitious ideas for your property than what you might find in a catalog. You might even get some inspiration from fiction – if you want a Bruce Wayne manor or a Tony Stark-style penthouse for instance.

Visit: Try looking around the homes that your friends and family have and seeing if there is anything you would like that they have. At the same time look around some properties as though you were going to buy them. The estate agents will be happy to take you around and this way you can find a few different sources of inspiration.

Reflect: Finally, think about your own property – what’s missing? What aren’t you satisfied with? What would you do differently? This is highly relevant research that is tailored to you and it will ensure that your next home is a step up from your current one.

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How To Decorate Your Home Garden

How To Decorate Your Home Garden

Decorating your home garden can seem like a daunting task. But, instead of considering it a chore, view your garden and things you put in it as extensions of your own personal style. By following these creative and easy ideas, you can ensure you have a home garden that you want to show off to your family and friends.

  • Use river rocks and boulders to make your own rock garden.

You certainly don’t have to turn your whole garden into a rocky landscape; just find a corner where you can place rocks of varying sizes. Space the rocks so you have room to plan flowers and vines between them. It will certainly prove to be an interesting element in your garden.

How To Decorate Your Home Garden
  • Build a small waterfall in your garden.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Use flat river rocks for the bed of the waterfall, or make some out of cement. Stack the stones in a natural arrangement and create a closed circuit water supply using a small pump and plastic tubing. When selecting a site for your waterfall, make sure you have easy access to electricity for the pump so it can force water back through the circuit giving you a continuous water supply.

  • Use small pieces of wood to create bird houses to decorate your home garden.

This is a great activity for your entire family since kids will love helping to build and paint the houses in their favorite colors. Add a bird feeder and bath to your garden, and you’ll have created a nice retreat not only for yourself but for your feathered friends, too.

  • Scour thrift stores or second-hand shops for quirky items to use in your garden.

Old weather vanes, vintage mental vent covers, and tarnished garden tools look great in a garden and add a touch of vintage charm. Use the old hoes, rakes, and shovels as a climbing structure for vines. Salvaged window frames also look great hanging on a garden wall or suspended from trees to create an exterior “room.” Give old wooden benches new life with a fresh coat of paint. If they’re in good condition, use them for seating. If not, use the bench for potted plants or to showcase a collection of weathered antique watering cans.

  • Think outside the box when decorating your home garden.

Reflective mirrors add an interesting touch to an outdoor space. Use rebar or another heavy metal wire to create an arched path that leads to your garden. Then, plant vines and climbing plants in a spot where they can grow along the wire, providing a beautiful and welcoming entryway. Utilize curtain tie-backs in your garden to provide direction to vines and other plants. Drawers from old chests and dressers can be repurposed as unique planters for flowers.

Put the same amount of effort into decorating your outdoor spaces as you do inside. You’ll be pleased to have created a relaxing spot outdoors for yourself and your guests. And remember—just have fun. There’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to decorate your garden!

Patric Seeley is a full-time writer and loves to write on home gardens and interior decor. He works for and mostly spends time writing articles on memory foam mattresses, double mattresses, 4ft beds, and silent night mattress.