Author: Christopher Short

Top Terrazzo Tiles Trend You Should Look Out for In 2021

Terrazzo tiles were first manufactured by some Venetian mosaic workers sometime around the 15th century. As you might have before, these classic tiles comprise a perfect blend of mixed marble, glass, granite, quartz, and other material chips. These materials are all embedded in terrazzo tiles using either cement or epoxy.   I believe you might hear many […]

Make Your Own Compost

Compost can make an excellent fertilizer for your home’s garden, but this readily available and simple option is often overlooked. Yes, watering your garden and using store-bought fertilizers and plant food is a great way to get started, but if you want to grow healthy, natural, and tasty vegetables inexpensively, composting is the way to […]

The Practicality of Having a Raised Flower Bed

The raised flower bed can be aesthetically pleasing in virtually any environment. Nearly anything can be planted within it giving the area a great deal of functionality. Whether you are planting trees, bushes, or flowers, these beds can be versatile for your specific landscaping ideas. While raised flower beds can be very attractive, have you ever stopped to think […]